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June 2022
NoSQL Integration Testing – Convenience of RavenDB vs MongoDB, CosmosDB & DynamoDB
Practical approach to integration testing of the .NET + NoSQL bundle. Key features, examples and comparisons of RavenDB with other NoSQL engines.
This post is a part of the YABT series dedicated to building an enterprise application leveraging the .NET Core + RavenDB bundle.
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March 2022
Pain & Gain of automated tests against SQL (MS SQL, PostgreSQL)
There is a .NET project. Running hundreds of SQL commands and queries. Mostly via an ORM. But occasionally doing the heavy lifting in carefully tuned high-performed SQL queries.
How to orchestrate automated tests against SQL Server for this project?
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November 2021
Load Testing. k6 + TypeScript + Azure DevOps
A practical example of building custom load tests using k6, TypeScript and Docker along with Azure DevOps pipeline. The goal is to create tests maintained by developers and a testing pipeline in Azure.
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November 2021
Load Testing. Choose a cloud-friendly tool
There are many types of web performance tests that ensure your application is fast and stable — load, stress, capacity, soak, smoke tests. This post will guide you to pick the right tools to script out, execute and manage the tests.
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