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November 2021
Load Testing. k6 + TypeScript + Azure DevOps
A practical example of building custom load tests using k6, TypeScript and Docker along with Azure DevOps pipeline. The goal is to create tests maintained by developers and a testing pipeline in Azure.
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June 2021
In Input We Don't Trust... and in JavaScript, don't trust output either ;)
A brutal post with cool examples of JavaScript dynamic typing and implicit casting.
It's dedicated to the 25th anniversary of JavaScript and has all chances to stay relevant for another ¼ of a century.
Check input for NULL and correct type, read the documentation and let JavaScript be with you (as it's not going away any time soon)...
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April 2020
6+ ways to marry C# with TypeScript
A popular bundle of .NET + SPA framework (e.g. Angular, React, Vue) has a notorious problem of enforcing contracts between the back-end and the front-end. Among all solutions, code generation tools are particular tempting. And here is analysis of all the major players to get the job done: NSwag, Swagger Codegen, OpenAPI Generator, AutoRest, WebApiClientGen and TypeWriter (plus 2 extra tools with partial functionality).
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August 2019
Wonderland of TypeScript enums
Coming from high-level programming languages to TypeScript, a mere mortal dev may naively use an enum for a predefined list of numeric or textual values. Because really, how could it possibly be different in TypeScript?.. Unfortunately, it can and here is a quick run down the Rabbit Hole of TypeScript enums.
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May 2019
6 most common mistakes of Angular devs revealed on code reviews
For professional developers, code/peer review is an essential step of the internal QA. Over the years, among a wide variety of problems revealed on code reviews, I found that some appear more often than others. Here is a list of the most common ones. So, the code is working, meets acceptance criteria, passed dev's testing and here we go...
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April 2019
Make Angular Reactive Forms strongly typed
Strongly typed Reactive Forms is the elephant in the room the Angular team doesn't want to talk about. In the absence of the official solution, developers can use some tricks to enforce type checking in the Reactive Forms. Here are two plausible solutions.
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