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About me

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: App Builder — Certified 2019I'm Alex Klaus, a tech guy based in Brisbane, Australia.

Full-stack software architect and tech/team lead with 24 years of experience in solving complex business challenges by building innovative and pragmatic software solutions.

Personal preferences:

  • a follower of Domain Driven Design;
  • loyal to the .NET for back-end implementations;
  • a big fan of NoSQL (RavenDb, CosmosDb, MongoDb);
  • always leverage the latest versions of SPA frameworks, whatever wins the race (Angular, ReactJS, VueJS);
  • very curious about the future of web development (keep an eye on Blazer and Web Assemblies).


Profile for Alexander Klaus at Stack OverflowAfter work I supports the community by sharing experience in the blog, talking at dev meet-ups and participating in forums on GitHub and Stack Overflow. When I encounter a technical puzzle, quite often I'm not the first one who is trying to tackle it down. However sometimes I'm the guy who comes up with a better solution (or the only solution) and then I share it.

Open source projects: