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March 2020
When it comes to choosing a platform for a new application there is a lot to consider at different levels. For the CTO or Architect the focus is on providing the required scale, resiliency, maintainability, elasticity. And all of it within a certain price range. For the developers, the preference goes to elegant solutions, well integrated with the preferred technology stack and with smooth (pain-free) development experience.
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July 2019
Having actively used RavenDB for a couple of years, I constantly get asked by other devs about feedback on the database. They usually expect to hear something simple and straightforward, like "love it" or maybe even "hate it", but my experience doesn't fall into any of these extremes. After 2 years I'm torn apart by polarised feelings about the database, and my expected-to-be-simple response turns into a long story about all the pros and cons, love and hatred. So here is my story.
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